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The Child Welfare Institute offers workshops and learning opportunities for individuals who are working with children at risk of maltreatment and vulnerable families as well as those who are interested in pursuing a career in these areas.

Workshops and training initiatives that are focused on include:

  • Promoting on-the-job competencies; 
  • Enhancing clinical skills in working with at-risk children and families; 
  • Realizing evidence based practice and building research capacity; 
  • Organizing symposia in specialized topics; 
  • Advancing professional development and leadership competencies for front-line practioners and management; 
  • Enhancing student placement opportunities; 
  • Partnering with Universities and Colleges to provide advanced level training;

External trainings are offered to the public at various intervals.

For detailed course offerings, please visit our website here

Out & Proud Affirmation Guidelines

Practice Guidelines for Equity in Gender and Sexual Diversity

Executive Summary

"When we hold our baby in the nursery for the first time, no one tells us that our baby might be gay. By the time we know who are children are, we may have hurt them in many ways. No one teaches us how to help and protect our gay and or transgender children. We may think we can help by trying to change them - but we need to love them for who they are".

For more information and to purchase a copy of the guidelines, please inquire directly at 416-924-4640 ext 2986 or email: outandproud@torontocas.ca